Agitated Glass Nutsche Filter
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  • Agitated Glass Nutsche Filter is a closed vessel designed to separate solid and liquid by filtration under vacuum. The closed system ensures odourless contamination free and non-polluting working conditions maintaining product purity and hygiene. Agitated Nutsche Filters are extensively used in Herbal products, Chemical product development, kilo lab operation, pharmaceutical manufacturing, agro chemical and the food industry.

    A typical unit consists of a dish shape vessel vessel with a perforated plate. The entire vessel can be kept at the desired temperature by using a jacketed and stirrer (blade and shaft) through which heat transfer media can flow. The vessel can be made completely leak-proof for vacuum or pressure service. The base plate is having arrangement of bolting bar to hold the filter cloth. Suitable nozzles can be provided including Manhole and Side discharge nozzle. PTFE Lined Stirrers are used for Agitator shaft and solid PTFE blades are used to take high torque generation during solid discharge and re-slurring operation.

    1) Filtration
    2) Washing of Filter Cake
    3) Repeat mix or washing of the cake
    4) Convection drying of the cake
    5) Smoothing with compression of the cake
    6) Discharge of the wet or dried cake.

    Drive assembly consist of Motor with VFD, Mechanical Seal is provided for vacuum application. Borosilicate Glass Vessel with different nozzles, Manual/Hydraulic system is provided for movement of agitator and discharge Valve. PTFE Filter Support Plate.

    Advantages of Glass Nutsche Filter
    • Vacuum filtration possible.
    • Glass being transparent, offers visibility of processes.
    • Inert gas atmosphere can be maintained.
    • Minimal contamination of the cake.
    • Very high solvent recovery.
    • Solvents are in closed systems, so no toxic vapors are let off in the atmosphere.
    • Personal safety is maintained and heat transfer surfaces can be provided to maintain filtration temperature

    Goel offer Glass ANF from 10 L to 200 L for Kilo Lab Operations with and without jacket , with and without stirrer. Our sales/technical team will be glad to assist you desinging the best suitable system for your process requirements. Email us