Assemblies Over Glass Lined Reactor

Glass Lined Reactors are used instead of glass reactors specially when scale of operation is large and relatively high pressure steam is to be used as heating media. Quite often assemblies like Simple Distillation Unit, Reaction Distillation Unit, Fractional Distillation Unit etc. are installed above glass lined reactors. The basic features of these assemblies remain the same but glass shell and tube heat exchanger is preferred due to large scale of operation. A typical fractional distillation unit type assembly over GLR is shown in adjacent figure.

 Cat. Ref.Reactor Cap.Vapour columnCondenser HTA M2
 GRU 250250 L80mmx1.5m1.5×2
 GRU 500500 L100mmx2m1.5×2
 GRU 10001000 L100mmx2m2.5×2
 GRU 20002000 L150mmx3m2.5×3
 GRU 30003000 L150mmx2m4.0×2